SPROKS Kindness Missions

Join us in spreading love, kindness, and empathy through these fun and engaging challenges!

Submit Your Mission Ideas
Do you have an idea for a kindness mission or challenge? We'd love to hear from you! Submit your ideas using our contact form, and we may feature your mission on our website!

Share Your Experiences
Once you've completed one of our SPROKS Kindness Missions below? Please share your story on social media using the hashtag #SPROKSKindness and tag us at @SPROKSClub. We can't wait to see how you're making a difference in the world!

May 1, 2023

The Compliment Challenge
Brighten someone's day by giving them a genuine compliment. It could be a friend, a family member, or even a stranger! Let them know how much you appreciate them or something they've done.

tag us at: @SPROKSClub

May 4, 2023

Neighborhood Clean-up
Grab a pair of gloves and a trash bag, and spend an hour picking up litter in your neighborhood or local park. You'll be helping the environment and setting a great example for others! 

tag us at: @SPROKSClub

May 8, 2023

Be a Listening Ear
Offer to lend a listening ear to someone who needs it. Sometimes, all a person needs is someone who cares enough to listen to their worries or concerns without judgment. 

New York, NY

May 8, 2023

Share Your Talents
Share your talents or skills with someone who could benefit from them. Teach a younger sibling how to draw, help a neighbor with their gardening, or offer to tutor a classmate who's struggling in a subject you're good at. 

Philadelphia, PA